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Alan Ross of WPR-Spectrum West Interviews Sherry Sutton Zanardo

  • EXCITING NEWS! Tune in to Alan Ross tomorrow as he interviews Sherry about the farming process at Chickadee Hills and how we are pasture-raising our heritage breed of Mangalitsa hogs. We’d love it if you would share the news with your Twitter and Facebook friends and comment with your thoughts on the program. In Western Wisconsin, the program airs at 10AM Thursday on Ideas Net stations 88.3 (Eau Claire) and 88.7 (River Falls). There’s a repeat at 7PM Friday on…

    How to Support Sustainable Agriculture

  • If you’re wondering how to support sustainable agriculture, here’s a quick guide to get you started. Supporting sustainable agriculture might seem like an impossible feat. The truth is, it’s nothing more than a series of small daily choices. As we like to say around here at Chickadee Hills Homestead, “You vote every time you put a fork in your mouth.” In fact, you vote each time you do just about anything at any time of the day. Every choice you…

    Healthy Soil Creates Strong Immune Systems

  • Do you understand how healthy soil creates strong immune systems? When you do, you’ll be even more excited about sustainable agriculture. Knowing what you know about building strong immune systems, would you feed your family chemical-laden unhealthy food on purpose? Of course not! You put a ton of thought and effort into your diet, with the goal of promoting long-term health. Perhaps you eat only organic produce, or you make every effort to avoid GMOs. That’s a great start toward…

    Mangalitsa Pork Tamales

  • Mangalitsa Pork Tamales Recipe by Nikki Halverson Citrus Pork Filling 6 pounds Mangalitsa pork shoulder cut into big cubes 3/4 Cup orange juice 4 Slices of the orange zest 2 Cups water 2 Bay leaves 6 Garlic cloves 1 Cinnamon stick 2 Tablespoons oregano 3/4 teaspoon clove, ground salt and pepper to taste Directions Remove excess fat from the pork shoulder and cut into big cubes. Season the pork with salt and pepper, and then place in the slow cooker.…

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