Our Philosophy


Healthy Pasture-Raised Pork

We conscientiously care for the animals medically and psychologically by allowing the hogs to choose the environment in which they are most comfortable. Most prefer living in a “family” environment, but occasionally a sow will choose to farrow alone. We pay attention to their actions and behaviors so that we can react appropriately.

Our hogs (as well as all other animals on the farm) are not treated for parasites unnecessarily. If they must be treated with drugs, they are quarantined to prevent contamination in the general population.

We like to think our hogs are fed the healthiest, most well-rounded diet possible. This, in turn, results in the tastiest, most nutritious pork for our customers.


Soil Diversity

Our motto is “Healthy Soil, Healthy Life”. Our focus is on the soil that grows the food to feed the animals. The microbiology of the soil is key. There are no GMOs, herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used on our soil. The healthier the soil is, the healthier everything above it will be. It is literally the foundation on which our pigs thrive, which ultimately leads to the most delicious, nutritious and healthy pork you can eat.


Sustainable Farming

Chickadee Hills Homestead strives to solve the problems of conscientious eating. We practice the “eat them to save them” concept. Our Mangalitsa and Meishan pigs were nearly extinct; we are raising them to prevent that.

We grow almost all food for the pigs on the farm, avoiding importing feed as much as possible. The primary reason for this is that we can be certain of the quality of the food our animals are consuming. Another reason is that it makes us aware of the impact that the growing of that food has on the landscape.


Environmental Responsibility

We seed our pastures with a polyculture of seeds, to grow a variety of fruits and vegetable which feed our animals. Apple trees, pumpkins, hazelnuts and other foods are fed to our hogs so that their meat is very nutrient-rich. Eggs produced by our chickens are fed to our pigs.

The variety of crops also provides great benefits to the soil. We don’t use weed killers; dandelions, plantains, and other “weeds” grow freely. Growing the food on the farm reduces the need for feed to be packaged and shipped, which reduces the impacts to landfills and to the overall carbon footprint.

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