All Chickadee Hills Homestead Pork is Mangalitsa pork. Known as the “Kobe beef of pork” and “olive oil on legs”, it is the tastiest pork you will find on the market. Raised completely on pasture in the most humane conditions, you can feel good about eating our healthy and delicious pork.

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Shrub is a vinegar cordial (think of a sweet syrup) that boasts rich flavors and is often combined with other mixers to create a unique and complex flavor profile. Shrub is the combination of drinking vinegar, concentrated fruits, aromatics and sugar. It can be added to a mixed drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), or even used to make marinades and vinaigrettes.


At Chickadee Hills Homestead, we are all about self-sustainability. We are big fans of using whatever we have to make unique tinctures, extracts, salves and products that can potentially improve certain ailments.


Tinctures are made up of natural, concentrated herbal-based extracts that have been soaked in alcohol or vinegar


Chickadee Hills Salves are used to help heal and soothe certain skin conditions. Some are made for rashes while others can be used to help provide relief to minor aches and pains.


Elderberry Syrup


Chickadee Hills Elderberry Syrup is made with the very best locally-sourced ingredients, featuring the darkest blue fruits: elderberry, Aronia and black currant.

Elderberry Syrup has proven to be a great way to reduce symptoms ranging from the common cold to some rheumatic conditions.

4 oz. bottle

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