Salt 4 Pack Bundle




Choose four.

Tuscan Salt
Rosemary, sage and garlic grown on our farm added to salt then dried. This is an extremely versatile finishing salt. From mundane to marvelous with just a sprinkle.


Smoked Pepper Citrus salt
Chipotle peppers grown on our farm added to a citrus blend that is dried and added to salt. Smoky, spicy, citrus addition to chicken, veggies, pasta, and more. Delightful finishing salt.


Merlot Salt
Beautiful color! Hint of merlot flavor in lovely red salt. Perfect on top of a salted caramel. Good for desserts as well as on your favorite steak.


Chardonnay Smoked Salt
Salt smoked with chardonnay barrel staves. Very smoky with a hint of chardonnay. Rich flavor and a favorite among the grilling crowd. Also great on veggies.


Sumac Salt
Locally harvested sumac adds a delightful flavor reminiscent of lemon. Add this to roasted tellicherry peppercorns and salt and you have a delightful finishing salt. Good with poultry, fish, veggies and more.


Porcini Salt
The perfect umami flavor for risotto! Great on red meat, potatoes, soups. The aroma alone is enough reason to buy this salt. Fabulous, rich finishing salt.


Fennel Salt
Fennel grown on the farm adds a lovely anise flavor to this finishing salt. Beautiful with potatoes, brussels, and most veggies. Also good with watermelon and other fruits. Standard flavor for sausage. Great with fish, chicken and mussels. Unique flavor for finishing salt.


Lime Salt
We use black lime for this salt which imparts citrusy, smoky flavor with slight tang. Great with soups, meat dishes, rice and stews. We might use this with a cocktail too.