Praise The Lard-2 Day Charcuterie & Whole Hog Butchery Course

Chef Brian's courses are not something to be missed. His 35+ years or practicing, writing, and teaching Charcuterie is on full display with each 8 hour day packed end to end with education, demonstration, and discussion on nearly every aspect of Charcuterie. This is a special class hosted by people who are a critical to the Charcuterie process, a heritage breed pig farmer. Other than the class being hosted on a beautiful farm, attendees will be able to see firsthand the…

Local, Ethically Raised Meats Shine at Half Hog Breakdown Demonstration with Butcher Erik Sather

  • Are you curious about local, ethically raised meats? Would you like to learn more about how to butcher them and incorporate them into your life? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for The public demand for local, ethically raised meats has grown exponentially in the last several decades. In most decent-sized towns today, you can find at least one butcher shop purveying locally raised meats that adhere to the highest standards. However, many customers find that artisanal meat shops…

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    If you’re looking for locally produced, pasture-raised heritage pork, raised in environmentally friendly conditions, Chickadee Hills Homestead is the place to buy.

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