Local, Ethically Raised Meats Shine at Half Hog Breakdown Demonstration with Butcher Erik Sather

  • Are you curious about local, ethically raised meats? Would you like to learn more about how to butcher them and incorporate them into your life? This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for


    The public demand for local, ethically raised meats has grown exponentially in the last several decades. In most decent-sized towns today, you can find at least one butcher shop purveying locally raised meats that adhere to the highest standards.

    However, many customers find that artisanal meat shops fall short when it comes to helping them actually prepare that meat. Rib recipe? No problem. But detailed instruction on how to butcher their own cuts, render fats or use every part of the animal? Not so much.

    Enter butcher Erik Sather from Lowry Hills Meats. With a lifelong interest in quality, kindly raised meet, opening his own butcher shop was a natural career path for Sather. Today, he brings that passion to people all over the area. If you are interested in learning more about meat and how to prepare it yourself, we’ve got just the opportunity for you.

    Lowry Hills Meats offers the unique opportunity to observe Sather demonstrate how to butcher a half hog with a class once a month.

    In class, you will learn:

    • the basics of hog butchery.
    • information about primal vs. sub-primal cuts and
    • how to prepare the different cuts
    • information on the processes of making fresh sausage, smoking, and dry-curing

    But why listen to Sather? Good question. Here’s why.

    The Philosophy Behind Lowry Hills’ Local, Ethically Raised Meats


    Erik Sather has always had a longing for good food and good products with which to make it. He grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota and didn’t move to town until his teenage years. In that time, he forged a strong connection with the land. In this way, he developed an appreciation for the age-old link between humanity and its food.

    In his early years, Sather worked in restaurants that prioritized local, ethical food. It surprised him to hear one question cropping up over and over again from customers. “Where can we buy the ingredients for ourselves?”

    There wasn’t always a good answer to that question. So, one day Sather decided to create that answer himself. Today, he sources and curates just such ingredients for his customers. They include antibiotic-free, hormone-free, all-natural, non-GMO meats and meat products. That, however, is not the only Lowry Hills Meats difference.

    The Education Customers Are Looking for, Free


    From the beginning, Sather prioritized providing goat, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, and duck. But he also focused on teaching customers exactly how to cook it. That doesn’t just include common cuts like breast or prime rib, either. It means helping people learn how to use the less familiar parts of the animal. Therefore, they can learn how to avoid the waste that characterizes much of our food system.

    When customers walk into Lowry Hills, they get a different kind of service. Sather and staff pride themselves on:

    • Offering seating right in front of the butchering counter (plus alternative seats for those who would rather have a more removed experience)
    • Highlighting of unique cuts of meat that most people aren’t making today, such as pork trotters, cheeks, or fresh belly
    • Providing education on these new cuts of meat, so that customers can expand their cooking repertoires and help reduce waste by using the whole animal
    • Interacting deeply with customers through reduced signage and increased verbal communication, and explaining the diets and living conditions of each animal
    • Forging strong relationships that focus on local, ethical products, which in turn creates a strong food system overall

    If you’re tired of not knowing where your food comes from, how its raised, or what it’s fed, Erik Sather has you covered.

    Want to Butcher Your Own Half Hog?


    Education and transparency inside the butcher shop is all very well. But one of Sather’s biggest goals is to bring the message to a broader population. His goal? To empower people to diversify their diets and support the local food system at the same time.

    Erik will be bringing his popular Half Hog Breakdown Demonstration Class here to Chickadee Hills Homestead on Saturday, June 16.  The class will be followed by a tour of the farm and a 5-course Dinner on the Porch which may include some farm favorites like Pork Belly with carrot ginger slaw or duck egg Creme Brulee with juneberries. 

    If you’re as enthusiastic as we think you will be afterward, you can also buy your own whole Mangalitsa hog from Chickadee Hills Homestead.

    Would you like to learn more about local, ethically raised meats? We invite you to get in touch with either Chickadee Hills Homestead or Lowry Hills Meats. Once you taste the difference of a quality, locally raised pig, you’re unlikely to go back. In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions you might have or offer you more information about the demonstration. Don’t miss out!



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